Monday, December 29, 2008

Showing Leadeship In An Unwanted Form

.....Learning how to edit pictures in an advance way gave me an idea of producing another site. This site would be named Druoun X Images and I'm planning to launch it next year. But, I'm not yet sure if I'm going to make it on blogger, weebly or multiply. At first, I have this idea of making this site on multiply for me to finally have an account there. I'm not yet sure if were will it be.

.....Well, for now, let me have this post as an introduction of my soon-to-be-site. Druoun X Images will dedicate solely on designing and editing photos to soon-to-be-readers and would-be-avid followers of this site. What's best is that I will be offering my services for free. Maybe some of you may think that I'm trying to be crazy on one point or another but no, I'm not. This is only an experimentation of how can I make use of my talent in serving others. I would be happy to know how will I be able to touch their lives and I would prefer to call it as a movement of change or some sort of a pose for a change or something. Ahh.. Still doesn't have that concrete idea.

.....Anyways, leadership and service to others may come in a different form or approach and it does not matter as long as it's for the common good and it has something to do with the so called "change" then, it's worth pursuing. That's another leadership lesson for this day.

.....Let me leave you with this video, which I have posted on youtube (my first ever uploaded video) a while a go. I hope that you'll like this one!

.....And one last thing. Below, is my official banner for the said site. This would give you an additional bird's eye view of this soon-to-be-site.

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