Friday, December 19, 2008

Passion Caught Inside Out

.....Exploring on different ideas isn't bad as long as we don't take it seriously (way too serious). For this blog post, let me have this opportunity to share with you some experimentation that I'm doing with my photos. You may feel weird about it or you may say that I'm doing awkward things for my self, you may even call these photos "the extremes", "scary", or whatever you feel to call it.

.....Now, enough for the introduction because I'm pretty sure that you're very curious about it. Here are some of my edited photos:

.....As you can see, I'm the main character of these pictures portraying different scenes. It may look like that I really miss acting on stage so much that I'm expressing it through this pictures as if I'm the main cast of a movie. For those who don't know, one of my passion aside from serving other people and architecture is actually acting. I may not be present on stage right now but surely, I was able to express my inner expressions through portrayals. Thanks a lot for giving your spare time in reading this post!

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