Friday, December 19, 2008

Leadership Knows No Break

.....Hi guys! Today marks our official Christmas vacation. This gives me the moment to relax, unwind, and think of the things that I should do for this coming year. I'm not talking about the so called "new year's resolution". Things that I should think about are more of roles and responsibilities for my studies, organizations, and many more.

.....Responsibilities, as well as leadership, should not stop when vacations were being granted. Instead, it should be an opportunity to allow ourselves to do the things that we can't do during our hectic schedule comes to worst. We should be glad that certain vacations were created for us to unwind and be more creative on thinking what we should do that can affect the lives of other people. Let's not allow ourselves to be tired of making a difference to everyone that surrounds us. Who knows, maybe this is gonna be the last time that we may able to step our feet on this wonderful world. So try not to spoil every inch of a moment. Let's all go out, walk, leave a mark, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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