Friday, June 18, 2010

Twitter: An Influencer's Tool

     Does anyone knows about this site called Twitter? I guess many of my readers, especially abroad, will be reacting with a smile on their faces combined with a quick nod. Yes, a lot of people do know about the nature of Twitter. How about me? How well do I know this site? Well, I may say that I know Twitter  much much more than ever before and I can now say that I'm already comfortable living with it.

     I started using Twitter since last year when I created my second blog entitled "Druoun X Images". I created  my Twitter account just for one reason - to promote my blog to the world. I did have tweeted several topics  that would bring more readers and traffic to my blog. Tweeting isn't really my forte and I'm not comfortable using it.  I see Twitter as if it's just an outlet of one's own for his/her ego (considering the fact that people would sign in just to have as many followers as they could wish for). To be honest with you, I don't really like the concept (followers and the one being followed) until last Saturday  (June 12), the date when I finally started tweeting in a regular basis. And until then, I open Twitter as often as possible.

     "What's the reason behind?", if you may ask. The answer is so simple. I started realising the beauty and wonder of Twitter in a much deeper perspective - to use Twitter in influencing people (the positive way). Why? Because I believe that this is my own simple way of shaping up a much healthier planet for everyone to stay in. c",)

Below, are some of the tweets that I've made:

We only appreciate the beauty and importance of light every time darkness covers our way.

"Walk the talk" rather than "talk what you've walked".

Learning is for self-improvement while teaching what you've learned is for self-fulfillment.

We are not fighters, yet we are fighting for our own rights and for others' rights.

The odor and appearance of a our river tells so much of our character.

if you're NOT proud of your country, at least, make sure that what you're doing will not make your country feel the same way to you.

We sometimes seek for change, yet we don't act for change.

     If you do like my tweets, start following me and receive some regular insights straight from my own thoughts and please do join me in my quest for influencing others the positive way. Together, we can create an atmosphere filled with positive outlooks in life. Let's make influencing as part of our daily obligation!

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