Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From Passion To Business

     Is anyone of my readers happen to be a graphic artist, a marketing strategist or simply an art practitioner/ hobbyist? If there is, then I guess you'll be able to relate on this post.

     As you all know and as what I often share here in my blog, I'm an architecture graduate and I really do have a passion for contemporary arts. I have my own account in deviantart that is composed of different photo manipulations, web designs, web banners and posters, which I have personally made for some worldwide events, international contests or simply for other people. I really do have this great passion for art and that's the reason why I'm very thankful to know the basicsand advance keys of adobe photoshop, corel draw, 3d max, sketchup, and autocad. For some, it may sound funny how an architecture graduate is currently doing more photo-manipulated outputs than doing building plans and designs. But, if one would think about it in a deeper sense, it's not really that funny because I get to enjoy what I'm doing. Who knows, maybe later on, I'll be able to pursue this passion into a money-producing business.

    Well, to some up the story, as an art practitioner, who decides to turn his passion into a self-supporting business, needs to have good marketing strategy. And one of those marketing strategies, which I think is capable of delivering huge market, is by printing it on  a wide banner. Yes, for now, that's the element that I really think would sell because people (both bystanders and art enthusiasts) may see the product in an actual scale and condition as compared to its electronic version. As I think of this kind of marketing strategy, the next question that I need to solve is the banner's quality.

     There are a lot of establishments that offer wide-banner printing this days and one could be confused on where to let their artworks be printed. Here in Manila alone, a huge number of establishments are competing with each other and are located just besides their competitors. It's really hard to know the difference especially if one is a neophyte in terms of this kind of field. But if one is really eager to have a good quality output, one would really be doing research as exactly what I did.

     As I surf the net, I happen to discover www.vinylbanners.com. It is a website that is dedicated to printing large vinyl banners that are durable and can stand up to weather and other outdoor conditions. For me, what the site offers is a good opportunity and investment for a business that I would need to pursue because of one of its quality - timeless. We, art practitioners, should really be keen in giving our masterpieces the right amount of quality and the "forever" factor putting in mind that what we're doing is not just for ordinary occasion but for a lifetime investment that would change the path of our life and career.

     In conclusion to this topic, we artists should not just entrust our mastepieces to some low-quality banners because our simple action may affect the quality and meaning of our art - that includes the way people see it as a whole.  

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