Friday, September 24, 2010

Teach Me How To Cry Again

     Please teach me how to cry again. I need to feel the relief of my soul by releasing the intense feeling that has been trapped within my physical attributions.

     I want to cry again for me to know that I still have a humane emotion that has been programmed in every human’s heart.

     Let me cry again. I want to feel the freedom not of my physical self but of my spiritual self. I want my soul to be emancipated again as I pour down the heavy atmosphere that resides deep within me.

     I need to cry again. Let me have this chance of knowing that my heart hasn’t been hardened by time. I need to know that I am still capable of releasing the tension that lurks within my innermost self.

     I have to cry again. I have to... I really have to. Because as of now, I see myself as a person that is physically numb but emotionally hurt. A person, who has been crushing himself internally and yet, capable of standing still.

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