Friday, September 17, 2010

Taking My Own Stand: The Cause-Advocate Blogger's Way

     I've been a blogger for almost six (6) years now and with that given time span, I was able to blog and share my views on different topics and issues, which I think should be tackled and should be given much attention to. To date, I'm now managing 3 blogs and these are Whisper of My heart (this blog), Druoun X Images  and Limelight and Beyond.

     As you may have noticed, my love for blogging grew in a way that I've created 3 blogs all having different genres. Well, blame "passion" for giving me such an idea. Blogging has able to capture my passion, which made me become a problogger or professional blogger. Being a problogger means that I have able to master blogging and have managed to step into the next level of blogging - making money through my blog. Yes, I am earning money just by blogging and it gives me a feeling of achievement,but this is not the primary reason why I blog and why I've created 3 blogs.

     My primary reasons are so simple: To spread different kinds of awareness and to provide positive influences. As a blogger, I want to take a stand in influencing other people around the globe in my simplest form - blogging. I'm very particular in influencing people because as a blogger, I have this rare ability of changing other people's thoughts and the way they see life as a whole. Through influencing, one would be able to alter an atmosphere depending on the kind of atmosphere one would want to produce - from worst to best. As for me, I'm taking my own stand in influencing (positive influence) other people in order to create an atmosphere that is more friendly and more acceptable to everyone.

     Last August 23, I've received an email message coming from the Bloggers Unite. The content of the message is about thanking me for choosing to become one of those few bloggers, who make a stand in doing good and making a difference simply by blogging. Here are some of the message's content:

"You, truly are a select group of bloggers. For out of the millions of bloggers, you have chosen to stand up, step out and make a positive difference to the world and our fellow human beings."

"While so many, say, "what difference does a word make?" You, like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Churchill, Kennedy & others recognize the power of a thought, a word and an action. It's where change always starts. And you know it."

     So if you happen to be a blogger just like me, try not to aim for having a money-generating blog. Instead, try to aim for having an influential blog! Because money may give you the wealth that you want, but influence can transform you into a kind of person that you should be.

I did take my own stand... I'm a blogger by heart.... 
I am....A cause-advocate blogger!

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