Saturday, December 04, 2010

Young Achievers: TIP's Heroes

     What happens when you fill the room with young achievers? It is a blast! A blast of hopes, inspirations, and a picture of a very bright future.

     Last November 26, 2010, I was invited by the school's admin to attend the TIP Achiever's Day, which was held at the Casal Seminar Room of the Technological Institute of the Philippines - Manila (TIP-Manila), for me to be recognized for my recent achievement. The entire event is being done yearly by the school in order to recognize achievers (students and alumni who were able to bring the  banner of the school at the highest possible spot).

     The whole afternoon was filled with inspirations and hopes as each one of us delivers our own speech. One of those memorable speeches that I can recall is the one being given by a student, who was a champion of different accountancy-related cup. Everyone was astonished as he said "We will give them (other schools) a very good fight". It is such a powerful phrase that brings hope to a much higher level as he tries to project his goal - to [again] put the flag of TIP a foot higher than the rest of the flags.

     The highlight of the event took place when President Elizabeth Q. Lahoz gave her closing remarks. It was a very meaty speech that was filled with challenges for us achievers as she said "You are TIP's heroes.... You should help other students become heroes like you". 

     If being one of those achievers guarantees us of being a hero, then I would have to agree with her. We really need to help others to become a hero just like us. True heroes are being measured by their act of kindness as they try to pursue excellence not for themselves alone, but for the excellence of everyone. One should need to help others become heroes just like him without putting in mind that that person may eventually share the same limelight with him. Being a hero is a matter of being selfless, instead of being selfish. Why? because heroes always do good deeds in order to provide an outcome that can be benefited by everyone and not by him.

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