Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Share Thy Blessings

     Christmas has just ended and New year is fast approaching. I believe that most of you guys are happy celebrating these two events because of some perks included like: 13th month pay, Christmas bonus, Christmas parties, shopping, and tons of nice gifts to expect. But before we fully celebrate these two very special occasions, let me first leave you with some thoughts to ponder. These thoughts were actually taken from my tweets last December 21, 2010. Here it goes:

"GIVING should not lead us to EXPECTING... expecting for something in return."

"Becoming a blessing to others is greater than asking, counting and expecting for your own blessings."

"SHARING to other people all the blessings that we have received is the best way to thank GOD."

     May this season be a reminder for all of us that we can be a blessing to anyone especially to those in dire need. We don't really need to wait for us to have "a lot" before we can start helping other people; all we need is just to have "enough" - enough blessings to be shared with other people. Go on... be a blessing! c",)

Happy holidays guys!!! 

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