Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Wave of Memories

     He is sitting beside a tree, which stands tall along Roxas Blvd., while gazing at the beautiful play of atmosphere that the bay has to offer. The sky looks so warm caused by the expiring sun while the air feels so cold brought by the graceful but forceful waves. Yes, the atmosphere is a mixture of warm and cold. And it is such a poetic feeling for him to experience this kind of atmosphere as he reminisces his long lost moments with Madeline.

     Madeline is such a sweet girl with a very sweet sense of personality and with a little touch of weakness. She can be likened to a flawed diamond that can be appreciated by few people like him. To him, she’s a flawed diamond that continues to shine prettily amidst its mild discrepancy – a kind of brilliance that can only be owned by chosen people. Yes, he’s one of those chosen people capable of appreciating this kind of diamond. For him, she’s such a priceless treasure that only he may have noticed. Indeed, a very rare beauty, which perfectly complements him as a person. That is why longing for her presence is such a great remorse.

     Flashbacks came as the cool weather continues to ease his warm feeling with overflowing sadness, which was exhumed from his joyful moments. It is such an irony to explain how a once happy story can easily ignite his silent tears.

     He still remembers how Madeline grips his hand tightly as if she would never let go no matter what would happen; he still remembers the nicely-carved shape of her eyes every time she smiles; he still remembers how she laughs at every joke he shares with her; and, he still remembers how her sweet voice captivates every beat of his heart. Those memories are his life’s priceless treasures. They cost nothing but great amount of value, which were carefully stored not in his humble mind but in his untainted heart.

     His eyes turned teary as he continues to reminisce his unforgettable past. Those gentle waves are giving him the feeling of intense longing as he hears the rushing sound of it. To him, it is a sound of a silent melody that produces sadness – intense sadness that is. A melody that is composed of beautiful notes; each musical note deserves a heart-warming tear; each tear deserves a memory to remember; and each memory deserves an everlasting value.

     He does this everyday. Not even once that he failed to remember her. For him, temporary is just a mere fiction that has been produced by man’s fabricated reality. For him, it is always about permanence - permanence that can be found in his undying love for her... a love that can never be separated by time; and only death can permanently separate him from the love that he feels for Madeline. It is a kind of love that can be likened to the irreplaceable truth of reality – the coming and the leaving of the mighty sun.

     As the sun bids goodbye to the sky of Roxas Blvd., his longing for Madeline continues to grow stronger. The atmosphere showed its lovely interplay - a sudden turn of color - as it welcomes the reign of a beautiful night. The end of the sun’s term reminds him of how his relationship has been put to an end - an end that reminds him of a much anticipated comeback. Yes, another sunset has to end.

     He wipes his warm tears and walks away. Leaving his intense memory imprints and promises to return again for him to reminisce his touching moments to the sweet calling of the mighty wave that has greeted the mighty expiring sun.

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