Monday, March 12, 2012

Providing Hope Through MV Logos Hope

     Another kind of difference has been delivered by U! Happy Events team (composed of volunteers and core members) last Saturday, March 10, 2012, as we took our one-of-a-kind tour inside the floating library – MV Logos Hope.

     MV Logos Hope is a cargo ship that houses books of different titles coming from different field (from children’s books to Holy Bibles, from Architecture to Medicine, and from fiction to love story). The ship also features story wall that educates kids and spectators about the pros and cons of having good and bad decisions. This ship has been circling the globe in order to bring quality books and to deliver the gift of hope to everyone.
     The Philippines was so privileged to [again] have this floating library back within its territory and U! Happy Events took the chance of being part of this momentous visit by bringing kids of UNO inside the floating library and let them inherit the spirit of hope and learning.
     The event gave volunteers the chance to contribute to the kids’ attitude towards education and towards life by providing them reading materials, by becoming instant inspirations to them, by showing a greater picture of hope, and by igniting their passion for education.  And for kids, they were given another reason to continue learning in spite of the many obstacles that hinder them. Indeed, education is nearer and future becomes brighter when people, whom you don’t really know or aren’t related to you, would come your way and give light when the path you’re trekking seems to be vague.
     This very memorable event of U! Happy Events won’t be possible without the help of Funlipix On-Sight Photo Booth, one of the very generous partners of the foundation. Through their willingness to give back the blessings and reach out to people, both volunteers of U! Happy Events and kids of UNO benefited from it. Another hearts became satisfied, another fulfilment has been made, and another life was changed!

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