Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Emjay Mirasol Photography: Introducing The Third Partner

     In the previous weeks, this blog had revealed two amazing partners - Funlipix and Inspire Magic. Today, allow me to introduce to you another partner that will complete the first batch. This amazing partner is none other than Emjay Mirasol Photography.

     Emjay Mirasol Photography is owned by a one-woman team Emjay, who [like the other two] is also filled with passion and compassion for the community. She is a freelance photographer and a full-time employee of a certain company (better leave it private). What’s amazing with this newly-introduced partner is that in spite of her loaded schedule, she [still] finds time to participate in different community-development activities. And because of her service to U! Happy Events as a volunteer, the foundation has decided to make her become part of the core team. Aside from that, she’s been devoting her spare time building her own foundation – Happy Little Fingers.

     Indeed, Emjay Mirasol Photography is a one-of-a-kind partner that shows passion, commitment, and servant leadership all at the same time! All of these introductions were considered enough reasons why Emjay Mirasol Photography should be part of this blog’s first amazing trio of partners.

     Know her more and see how she transforms passion and words into pictures. (Click the animated banner below.)
     For the meantime, the above animated banner can be found in the “Directory” page. The animated banner will be taken out from the "Directory" page once the page allotted for Emjay Mirasol Photography has been completed and ready for public viewing.

     Now that the third partner has been introduced already, the soon-to-be-launched page for these partners will be launched SOON. Be as excited as I am!

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