Monday, March 19, 2012

Magicians: Bringing Out The kid In Us

     Magic seems to be so good to be true. I’ve been amazed to magicians performing their trick when I was still a child. Magic has been one of the best entertainments for me to see. But gone are those days when magic seems to be true anymore.

     Today, I’m old enough to know that magic is not as real as what I expected way back then. It’s just an illusion done by magicians. I guess I lost my belief in something I used to believe in. But, as I became more involved in different outreach projects (initiated by the school, charitable institutions, and people wholeheartedly celebrate their success to orphanage) with magic show included as part of their entertainment for beneficiaries, I learned to be in love with magic again and again. And what has been added was the fact that I do respect magicians for what they can do for us. They not only create illusions for us to be amazed of, but they also bring back fun memories of our childhood days. It was during those days that we are free to imagine beyond borders set forth by this world. Limitation wasn’t a hindrance before and it didn’t even dare to exist in our world of make-believe. I still do cherish those wonderful moments for without those, I may not be able to find creativity in me.

     Today, I find magicians not just great entertainers, but skillful people as well. They earned my respect for they do different amazing things that captivate one’s mind and heart. They do know how to steal our hidden childlike persona in us and bring it out to the fullest way possible. Indeed, they have the total package for they do illusions, hosting, and great entertainment all at the same time!

     Magic is not a trick, it’s a skill… and skills are not easily acquired. They need to be learned in a span of time accompanied with a passionate heart. And as practice turned into habit and illusion turned into perfection, you’ll find yourself emerging as a real magician. Let people bring back their lost imaginations as they spend their time watching you do your own craft. Be a magician and be the next crowd taker.

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