Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jacinto & Lirio: Becoming Part of Change

     Jacinto & Lirio is now scaling up and they need your help! Yes, you read it right! Jacinto and Lirio, the brand that transforms water hyacinth into world-class fashionable bags and accessories, is now asking for everyone's help in order for them to create further change in everyone's lives.

The Product
     Before I get into details on how you can help, let me first introduce Jacinto & Lirio in a much deeper perspective. The brand "Jacinto & Lirio", which means Hyacinth and Lily, was created by EcoIngenuity Inc. This brand showcases the Filipino pride and innovative mind by transforming water hyacinths into fashionable and functional statement bags and accessories. This product is all about raising the competitiveness of indigenous materials and the communities that produce them using global design brands. 

     Now this is truly amazing! From a pest (water hyacinth) that causes numerous problems such as flooding, water damage, and fish kills was turned into items that are fashionable, functional and world-class! It not only help the community by lessening the damage caused by this pest, but also help out people by providing decent jobs that they can truly be proud of.

The Plan
     Creators of Jacinto & Lirio have decided to expand the production capacity of their partner communities in order for them to widen their capability to reach out and change lives of our fellowmen. With this, they have started the campaign #liveastoryworthtelling, which aims to raise $8,000 by May 9, 2012. Money raised by this campaign goes out to their plan of expansion. 

The Chance
     Witnessing change is amazing, but being part of change is more amazing and life-changing. 

     Throughout the years, the team of Jacinto & Lirio have devoted all efforts in raising the dignity of everyone by means of introducing a solution to the present social problem. They have proven that they can initiate change through great efforts and have discovered the incredible feeling when helping out and being part of change (I know what it feels like after being able to change other people's lives).  Now that they are expanding for a greater cause, they are asking you to be part of change too! It is now your time to embrace the spirit of change and become its next agent! So far, this is the perfect opportunity for you to help other people. Your contribution will really make a lot of difference!

The Perks
     Whatever contribution you make means something. By simply contributing/donating, you get a chance of having their  statement plant leather journals and perhaps a one-of-a-kind Jacinto&Lirio bag when donating more than $200! Aside from the product perk, 10% of your contribution will go directly to the community production development of the Fernandina Water Hyacinth Group. 

     Now that's a WIN-WIN. Not only you feel the comfort of helping out, you also get a product that is unique, stylish, empowering, and world-class items.

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