Monday, April 02, 2012

Marketplace for a Cause: Helping Helpers of Change

     By the moment I came to know the concept of Social Enterprise (SE), I became amazed by its structure and its ability to create change and to cure different social problems present in this country. It came into my point that I (as an aspiring change-maker) should also emerge as social entrepreneur in order for me to expand my helping capability through the use of whatever resources I have.

     And yes, I have my own SE and [still] planning to launch another one. Being part of SE is great and it fulfils my purpose as a catalyst of change. I get to produce items that wear my own designs; let vendors sell it; have profit out of those items; and help an institution. I’m quite fulfilled as a person. But being a blogger and a proud owner of this year-long blog, I felt compelled to do more for SE. I started asking myself “What other things can I do to help the growing community of SE?” And from thereon, I started developing a page in this blog that would become the center for different Social Enterprises available in the market. This page is now known as “Marketplace for a Cause”.

     “Marketplace for a Cause” is [so far] the latest page I’ve launched here in this blog and it is all about promoting businesses and freelancers, who decided to share their hard-earned profit to communities, institutions, and foundations. This marketplace serves as a venue for Social Enterprises and businesses alike to be promoted in such a way that people may know that apart from purchasing a product, their money also goes to various foundations supported by these featured partners. In this way, they’ll realize that they’ve started contributing change through the simplest things they’ve done - purchasing a product. And to sum it all up, “Marketplace for a Cause” is a venue for business transactions that undergoes a cycle of providing basic services down to delivering help to various causes.

     Have you decided what to purchase lately? Try this blog’s marketplace and experience the feeling of contentment. Go on! Let your money go beyond its worth as “Marketplace for a Cause” converts cash to cause. 

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