Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Poet's End

Blank pages of nothingness,
I got to find my own happiness.
Here I am searching on every bit of pages,
But all I’ve seen were silent spaces.

What’s wrong with my words now?
There’s nothing more to be found.
It feels like I’m lost in my own niche.
Silent tears flowing like cliché.

Hurting… I found myself crying,
Remembering how far I’ve been flying.
How can I live a life of fulfillment
When words won’t even give its complement?

Now that my rhymes don’t harmonize
And my words won’t even compromise,
All I see is a blank future
With a life that is so unsure.

How come I’ve reached this stage?
It feels like I’m trapped in a cage
Where sorrow is the only emotion
And poetry is just part of illusion.

Looks like this is where my journey ends.
So long poetry, my long-time friend!
If only this poet hasn’t lost his talent,
Then there’s no reason for him to lament.

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