Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Let's Reach Out, Change-makers!

     The Philippines is currently experiencing another calamity. And there's no way that heroes will only sit down and expect for miracles. Heroes tend to do something great for their fellowmen simply because they are action-makers. They act for the betterment of everyone no matter how costly it would be as long as everyone's safe.  

     All of us can be heroes of our own. We are action-makers and change-makers deep in our hearts. We were honed to express greatness in times of calamities. All we need is a pure heart that cares for others' needs while setting aside our own personal needs. Let's help out! Let's reach out! 

     I'm appealing to my readers worldwide to help the Philippines. Let's set aside cultural and religious difference as of the moment. Let's focus more of our similarities as humans. Let's do our own share for this.

"In times of tragedies like this, CHANGE-MAKERS are at the forefront… 
Ready to serve their fellowmen." - @artistmat

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