Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Interviewing Riklamadora of AKPh

     So this is it! Your much awaited interview with Riklamadora is finally here. For those readers here, who are not yet familiar of Always Kubeta Ph, allow me to give you a brief background.

     Always Kubeta Ph is an Instagram account created by three comfort room lovers, who call themselves "comfort room" bloggers. These three are only known for their code names: EMmaarte, Riklamadora, and MTcoloso. They see themselves as bloggers doing public service for Filipinos and tourists of the Philippines. For more information regarding Always Kubeta Ph, just visit Instagram and key in @alwayskubetaph
     For followers of Always Kubeta Ph, here you go. Introducing Riklamadora, your comfort room blogger with a standard that one must please.

1. Describe your character?
Riklamadora: Reklamadora.

2. What gave you the idea to be a comfort room blogger?
Riklamadora: I always give feedback whether good or bad. Plus, I poop a lot in public places. hehe

3. What's the best comfort room you've been so far?
Riklamadora: In general, toilets in Japan.

4. What's the worst comfort room you've been so far?
Riklamadora: Mt. Pulag! Literally a shithole! Yung sa ranger station naman may jebs sa wall. As in ang daming jebs. Hindi ko alam paano umabot sa mga walls.

5. What's your favorite comfort room element? Why?
Riklamadora: Flush! Pinakamatatago ang ebidensiya. I can bring tissue naman. Pero if walang source ng tissue, then tissue. Gets ba?

6. What's your wildest/weirdest/funniest experience in a public toilet?
Riklamadora: Pulag talaga. Una, yung 2-hour hike sa summit nagawa kong 30 minutes pababa dahil sa sakit ng tiyan. Yung toilet doon eh butas lang na may bakod. Tapos mabaho talaga kasi doon ka lang tlaga pwedeng magbawas. I had my nose covered pero ang daming langaw na alam mong dumapo  na sa mga jebs. Alam ko rin na nakatapak na ako ng mga jebs. I highly doubt if nakashoot lahat. Tinapon ko shoes ko after. hahaha

7. In general, how do you see our public toilet here in the Philippines? Do you see any changes 5 years from now?
Riklamadora: A lot better than before! Hopefully we won't pay for that public service already. Pay lounge is a joke! Establishments should have budget for that.

8. What's your ideal/dream public toilet?
Riklamadora: Yung sa Japan. Hindi naman lahat may ganun pero sa airport nila automatic ang toilets.

9. What makes you continue this advocacy of yours?
Riklamadora: Dahil kay MTColoso at EMmaarte haha. Masaya rin eh.

10. Any message you want to convey to restaurant owners, building maintenance officers, public place managers, government officials.
Riklamadora: We eat, so we jebs. I thank you.

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