Friday, April 20, 2018

Aristmat: Version 3.0

     Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to present to you... "Artistmat 3.0"! Replacing the thirteen-year-old title with something that would live up to this blog's purpose is something that should be thought of. I did a thorough study through series of analysis in arriving to this new title. And yes, this is it. It's final. Artistmat 3.0 is the new title.

     Why 3.0? This is the third look of this blog since its conception. V 3.0 or the version three point o. It also represents my current age, which is thirty years old. This marks my journey as a blogger from thirty and beyond.

     New title, fresher look, solid direction. This is what these changes are all about. Expect more changes along the way as I am not yet done with revising this blog's entire pages. For now, please do bare with me. 

     This is Matthew Sanchez Chua, signing in for Artistmat 3.0!  

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