Thursday, April 19, 2018

Re-Title: Whisper of my Heart No More

     Thirteen years have passed since "Whisper of my Heart" was conceptualized by a young dreamer. The title was created out of this author's need to represent what his heart has to express for life and anything under the sun. It was a tool made for a boy's self-discovery as he venture writing.

     A lot has transpired since then. The evolution of his writing style both in poetry and prose became a manifestation of his self-discovery; movie reviews meant for inspiring people were created; and haiku became his refuge every time his "literal" and his "figurative" worlds collide.

     It was back then and Whisper of my Heart is its official title. Last year, change had been made when this author had decided to finally buy It was a giant leap for him. Acquiring his own domain name was a tough decision to consider, but it happened. 
     Now, another big change has to come - major makeover. This is going to be this blog's second major makeover. This is another tough decision for him to consider especially that this author values sentimentality. But, again, this has to happen. 

     New title, new layout, and new feels. This is version 3... and it is about to happen.

     Stay tuned.

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