Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ethics From The Gum

.....An hour ago, I accidentally stepped on a chewing gum loitered on the street. It seems to lay there for a long time, waiting for its prey. A used chewing gum that carries a lot of bacteria of its user. And because of its perseverance, it got me as its victim. Is this scene so familiar to you? Or, is this kind of manner present in your country?
.....If you say no, I'm happy for you but if you say yes, I pity on you. This situation has been repeatedly done over and over again here in our country. A behavior of irresponsible citizen of this nation. Why does people got used to this kind of manner? Does people don't apply ethics as their character's sole foundation? Sorry if you feel that I'm having a lecture about ethics. My thing is, we are human and we must act like a human not just for our own sake but also for the sake of others. We must act responsibly if we want a change for this country. Change will not happen by blaming our government officials, whom we consider as leaders of this country. Change comes from each and everyone of us because we are all leaders in our own way. If you're one of this people, please do stop because you're making harm to other people's health, society, and even the environment. Please stop spitting on anywhere because you're a human. A human who will eventually become one of this nation's leader.
Be a responsible citizen... Be a leader of this nation.

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