Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Selfish Love

.....One of my friend, who happens to be a girl, texted me yesterday that I should stop texting her because her boyfriend gets mad every time he sees my name appeared in my friend's inbox. So I immediately replied with "OK". This situation reminds me of the word "jealousy". A word that triggers love to an extent of provoking anger. Yes, I did responded nicely from her request but my thing is, is it really a selfless love? Is he really trust her? What I want to emphasize is that he shouldn't be mad to any people that have a connection to his girl because of the fact that these people came to her girl's life even before he came. He shouldn't be reacting that way because jealousy is an act of selfish love. A love that focuses only for himself and not for the two of them and besides, if he is an open-minded person, he should let his girlfriend mingle with other people and he should inject trust on their relationship. Love is a universal thing that should be used in a positive way without any hindrances such as pride, selfishness, and jealousy. I hope that this post will give each and everyone of us the lesson that we should share with others. Thanks for reading!

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