Thursday, May 08, 2008

Letter of Passion

.....As the school year 2007-08 has ended, it signifies that my term as the President of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) has finally ended. Here's a letter given to me by my adviser, Ms. Melfi Caranto:
Dear Matthew,
.....It was a unique experience working with you. We have been to a lot of challenges, conflicts, pains, heartache, sorrows, disagreements but we surpass them all. My apologies for causing you hurts and pains in the way I handle you as your adviser.
.....I believe that your leadership experience will really bring you to where you want to be in the future. I just hope that you will do reflections and cling to the best of your experiences and learn from your mistakes.
.....It was a nice experience working with you..
God bless!
.....Yes, my term as the President of SSG has ended but it doesn't mean that leadership will end as well. Our school and mentor have trained me to become a good leader; They gave me enough motivation to serve my fellow students; They shaped my whole being and injected positive values that would embody my pasiion towards serving other people. This is a part of my story called moving on and continuing what I have started.

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