Monday, May 05, 2008

Fraud Identity

Once, I noticed a man hiding
Beneath those black lighting;
Observing people with lurky eyes
Filled with his deceitful lies.

I watched him mingle with the crowd
Pretending as if he's too loud;
Managing to keep his cowardliness
Despite his obvious awkwardness.

I tracked him all throughout the day
Watching him execute his own way;
Seeking for some additional evidences
That will defy his true existence.
Why should he need to hide
The identity of his fearful side?
Why did he chose to keep
His feelings that bloom so deep?

If given a chance to say something,
These are the words worth reminding:
Please listen to my sincere advice
For it seeks to terminate your lies.

Pretending should not be your tool
For it only belongs to the fool;
Try to accept the real you
And divert to a positive view.

Please do stop pretending
For your ego has been forsaken;
You should come out from that shelf
And reveal your genuine self.

Being fake should not be your hobby
For it seeks to destroy ones own body;
Being true will capture life's essence
Especially when aiming for excellence.

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