Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Phenomenon Brought By Blog

.....Blog. This word was not known yesterday but today, it is a sure phenomenal hit for it gave a lot of people the motivation to explore different ideas by writing and reading blogs from around the world. Some of the personalities expert in their specific fields did saw the blog's potentials and benefits. Personalities from media, companies, and other related fields are now making use of it by promoting different companies or products, expressing their treasured opinion on current issues, advocating environmental conservation, or even as a means of an income-generating site by the help of advertising sites that bloomed around the world. But what does blog really means?
.....According to an online encyclopedia, the word blog was a combination of words web and 0log which eventually evolved into what we now know as blog. It contains entries in a form of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or videos and is commonly displayed in a reverse mode.
.....Blog has the potential of bringing surfers in and making them write and post online. Through this process, people usually have the urge to post their views on any topic that touches their artistic sides. It usually creates an addiction especially when you know that people all over the world has the possibility of accessing and reading your posts. Yes, this can also be considered as one's personal website and a lot easier to navigate. In addition, information can now be availed by anyone through blogs that appeared in every search engines. One can now fill their computers with lots of free information from the Internet. But, be careful in determining those information because not all information posted were true and with exact basis. So, no wonder that some group of people were initiating blog awards for the purpose of citing worthy and informational blogs. This kind of event is a big help for it gives blogs and bloggers the recognition that they need.
Try to discover the power of blogging. Read, write and discover. Have fun!

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