Friday, July 25, 2008

Super Filipino

.....Earlier this morning, while riding in a transport bus, I noticed a man standing besides one of the major roads of Quezon City where I used to pass by every time I go to school. He wears an improvised costume of a super hero and I can easily tell that he's indeed crazy. One thing that catches my attention is his improvised cape that was actually made out of the Philippine national flag. People were laughing at him because of his childish act that can easily caught every one's attention while others were insulted because the national flag was used in an unlikely manner. Yes, he is crazy and he doesn't know what he's doing but let's try to look in a deeper perspective and try to assess him beyond the box, I bet one would say "He maybe a fool but his dedication and love for the country is there".
.....Yes, you read it right! Dedication and love for the country. This is really important for these are the measurement of us being a Filipino. A Citizen who does everything for the betterment of the country. He maybe a fool but his intention of becoming a superhero for our country is there. How about us? We were blessed to have minds that function so well but why don't we have such thinking like him. People who would love to take the risk of involving in events that our country can benefit from our talent and skills. In conclusion, that man is crazy but we can be considered as crazier than he is if we don't stop doing things that can degrade our country and fellow Filipino. Let's all make a change by lending ourselves for the country in order for our nation to boost its integrity.

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