Friday, July 18, 2008

An Accomplishment Of The Day

.....Today is last day of my prelim exam. I had on one out of three classes for some reasons. My fist class of the day-the Design Subject- and my last last subject-Autocad- had announced that we don't have to meet. We just need to accomplish the draft of chapters one to three of our thesis proposal and will serve as an exam for our design subject. In other words, I spent most my time facing in front of the computer trying to finish the said requirements. I did went home early today and it can be considered as a phenomenon for me because I always end up leaving the campus late at night. The reasons are either because my class ends up late, finish academic stuff or doing my sideline which is the extra-curricular activities. Anyways, what I'm just trying to tell my readers is that I can absolutely have my rest for the day! It's such a wonderful accomplishment!

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