Friday, July 18, 2008

2nd Pathways To Leadership

.....Last Saturday, I attended a seminar entitled "Pathways To Leadership" held in Far Eastern University (FEU). This isn't my first time to attend this event because I also did participated on the said occasion last year. And because of that, I was surprised when the m.c. announced my name and dubbed me as the Pathways To Leadership Alumni. It is such a great experience to be considered as an alumni of a leadership congress/seminar that is dedicated solely on training young leaders with their different kind of style. Notable speakers were invited just to discuss about leadership topics. Some were new faces for me while others are not due to their name's popularity and their note-worthy contribution for the society. I'm really glad that one of our speaker is Mr. Tony Meloto, whom I consider as one of my inspiration in the field of community service and nation-building. I considered that day as another day of self-improvement and realization that I can do more to make a difference. A single day that gave me a chance to upgrade my leadership capabilities and commitment.

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