Monday, October 13, 2008

Switching From Dusk To Dawn

.....One of the political icons of Manila City is Isko Moreno. He happens to be an actor turned politician. His rags-to-riches story captured the hearts of every manileños during the election. It's just one of the many reasons why he became to be Manila's vice mayor. He got the looks, fame, heart and most of all, the qualifications.

.....Last Saturday night at the funeral home, he happens to be one of the visitors to visit aunt Sonia's wake and extended his deepest sympathy to the family. Before he came in, regular mood can be felt from the place. But when the time he enters the room, the atmosphere has changed from solemn to a joyful night. Ladies are screaming and giggling while others were taking pictures of him. Even though he is now the vice mayor of Manila, people can't erase from their minds that he was once declared to be a matinee idol of their generation. That night made me think that I'm in a fans' day activity instead of inside a funeral with my aunt's wake. A humorous yet memorable moment to cherish. Yes, my aunt was already dead and we experienced sorrow for her lost and he [Isko] became to be an equalizer of aunt Sonia's relatives. An equalizer that maintains sorrow and joy to be in an equal proportion. After all, maybe he's just sent by God to remind us that "Hey, cheer up! There's no need to be sad. She's safe beside me."

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