Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poverty At Its Worst

     Today is blog action day. Our worldwide topic for this year is about poverty. We have different views and opinions on what poverty really is and what are its causes or consequences. My post for this day is actually my reaction paper in one of my architectural subjects, Urban and Regional Planning, that has the same topic. Here it goes...

     Urban poverty became one of the most extreme problems that arises in the Philippines. It caused numerous series of problems that destabilize the economic and social condition of this country. Squatting, ill-fated diseases, malnutrition, and lack of education are some of those problems caused by poverty.

     From my analysis, poverty was started during the Philippines' historical period. The caste system that started the segregation of unequal social status; The Spanish colonization that introduces the faith by giving alms to the poor; The Japanese and American colonization that worsen the effect through the declaration of world war II; The declaration of power by president Marcos; and a lot more. Poverty seems to become a natural inheritance of the Philippines. Passing poverty from one generation to the next generations.

     For me, poverty can be solved in many but not too easy ways. First, the government must deliver the issue to the public for they are the prime initiator of this country. Second, actions must be done from the people because the people are the primary resources of the government. Third, the youth must be aware of the issue. Awareness is the key to prevention. Fourth, non-government organizations must work with the first three sectors that I have mentioned.

     As you may have noticed, I did not include rally. Rallying won't do anything. Words are easy to say but hard to do. If we want change, we must do and implement change. The heart of the government is in each and everyone of us. Nothing will happen if we don't take the lead. Change is in you, me, and us. We are the change and together, we are the solution of this problem.

     Poverty? This may not happen or it may have topped hundreds of years ago if and only we learned from our past. Learning is a factor of contribution. One would become wise if he or she is determined to be wise and become part of the process.

     Poverty is, indeed, a problem of our society but it is not that much or extreme if we don't treat it that much. Remember the concept, everyone has a part.

     Message complete... I have done my part in giving awareness to the public as our mission for this paricular day. Now, it is up to you, my readers, to do your part in reducing the effect of poverty. We all have the choice and I', hoping that your choice is for the betterment of the entire humanity

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