Saturday, October 25, 2008


.....Have you or someone you know been a victim of SMS scums informing you morbid stuff? If yes, then you sure can relate on this post.

.....Last October 15, 2008, one of my friends sent us a forwarded message telling us about one of our high school classmates has died. Yes, it was a shocking feeling knowing that one of your former classmates has met her terrible end. Here is the exact content of the SMS:

....."Let us be silent for a few minutes and say our prayer for Wilnalyn Regalado who just passed away 5 minutes ago due to a car accident".

.....Ervin, we used to call him Ervz, forwarded this message to all his classmates way back in high school and that includes me. Yes, we were all terrified by the news and we all did texted him to confirm the news if it is true. I never received any of his confirmation and I was told by Irish, another friend of mine, last Thursday that the information isn't true and Wilnalyn is still alive. She even told me that Wilnalyn doesn't even have an idea about this SMS. She (Wilnalyn) even joked to Irish that maybe somebody is just jealous at her that they manage to create this stupid message.

.....It was a terrible joke to spread. Telling everybody that someone has died isn't a joke anymore. This is a rude thing to do because they're destroying someone's identity. Yes, maybe it's funny on their part because they feel powerful, on top of the line, and they even gained their revenge on their enemy (if this is the case). But try to figure this out. Does this act pays the prize of being superior? Is this really the prize to aim or something to be proud of? I think not. They're not fooling anyone because they are the fools. Their deeds are enough to know what their worth are.

.....To my readers, you are matured enough not to do such a reckless act. i may sound like I'm very mad to those people spreading this kind of messages but honestly, I'm not. I actually pity on them because they appeared to be the victim. Victim of hell. Who knows, maybe they are all part of this reality contest called life vying for a nice room down there (pointing to the ground).

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