Saturday, October 11, 2008

When Things Get Worst

.....In life, there's always a moment of victory and defeat and everyone is experiencing either of the two or both everyday. My moment of defeat just happened earlier this morning. I was approaching towards the door of a transport bus, situated near the driver's side, for me to enter. While reaching for its door handle, my right foot suddenly slip. That scene caused my entire body to jerk down, letting my body lie on the street with half of it located under the bus while the other half being exposed outside. Good thing I did use my right arm to support myself during that fall leaving only my butt hitting extremely into the ground. If worse comes to worst, if the conductor together with the driver did not saw me, I may either have been crushed by that same bus using its big front tire or the other half of my body, from head down to the hips, might have been crushed by the other vehicles passing by.

.....That incident caused my right arm with bruises and caused my butt aching until now. That scenario may kill me in an instant but it didn't happened because I still believe that there's someone out there protecting and guiding me. Anyways, let's discuss the root cause of that horrifying incident. It's caused by the broken pair of shoe that I'm wearing right now. I'm still wearing it because I didn't have time to buy myself a new one.

.....The lesson is, prevention is still better than cure. This [my shoe] is just a simple everyday problem but it caused me enough trouble that [may] bring my life to an end. They say that wise people do learn for their mistakes while wiser people learn from others' mistakes. I'm trying to be wise and I'm learning from that experience and I'm assuming that my readers prefer to be called as wiser people and I do hope that they will learn from my terrible mistake.

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