Monday, November 17, 2008

Touring Philconstruct 2008

.....As an architecture student, it is a must (or at least, highly needed) for us to look for different specifications and trends in the design and construction industry. That's why most of us students are looking for brochures that can help us in determining our desired materials to be used in our every designs and to give us additional ideas in every design problems.

.....I must say that students nowadays are fortunate enough because of the establishment of different exhibits and conventions. In my own case, I have participated and witnessed Philconstruct 2008 which happened last November 13-16 and was held at the SMX.

.....I did gathered a lot of brochures and freebies from different exhibitors and it was so tiring that I ended up sitting on the bench just to take a pinch of rest.

.....Philconstruct 2008 is, indeed, bigger and better than the previous ones. One thing that I noticed during my tour to different booths is that most the products that they're endorsing are environmental-friendly. Yeah you read it right, environmental-friendly. It's nice to know that entrepreneurs are now taking environmental issues seriously by developing products that could, in any way, sustain our available resources. Sustaining these said resources is a must rather than depleting them.

.....I hope that by the next Philconstruct, I will be able to see more environmental-friendly products that could help reduce the effects of these environmental dilemmas

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