Sunday, November 02, 2008

All Souls' Day Confusion

.....Today, November 2, is an all souls' day. Speaking of all souls' day, My relatives and I visited our departed love ones at the cemetery where their bodies were placed. As we approached the entrance gate of the cemetery, a lot of things captured my attention that brought me in creating this post. What are those? Hmmp... Those are just the things that made my mind be confused and let me question myself on the real purpose of this occasion.

.....Let me begin this way, an occasion like this lets us have ample time to visit our departed love ones and to commemorate them. But, are these reasons all true?

.....As I approached the entrance gate, a lot of tents were built with names and pictures of politicians attach to it and political signage that expresses their sympathy to the public. Are these things done because of their sincerity to the people? Or... Do this things have something to do with public exposure? I guess this occasion is not just about the dead, it is also about politics.

.....As I entered the cemetery, too much traffic greeted me due to the irregular circulation of people plus a number of vehicles trying to make their way through a thick mob. I thought that it was made clear by the news that people from authority doesn't allow vehicles to enter the vicinity? What was that all about? Is it an issue of inconsistency?

.....As I walked the pathways, I witnessed different kinds of businesses all over the place. Money really do tame people. Businesses that differ from food to unnecessary stuff. Not only that, some vendors do make noise to catch the crowd's attention. Hmmp... Noise pollution. Too much for the word solemn.

.....As I stayed inside the cemetery and tried to feel the atmosphere of the area, what even shocked me are the trash scattered everywhere. These trash are evidences of human irresponsibility that was left at the scene of the crime. These evidences are telling us that we don't care for the environment that much.

.....All I could ever do that time is to think if people still know the real essence of this holiday. Are we really commemorating our departed love ones? Are we just there because we want to impress the public with what we can do for the sake of election? Or are we just there to creating lousy stuff, fooling around, and making a lot of mess? Let's try to respect this holiday for it was made for us to offer our prayers for the soul of those people that was finally laid at rest.

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