Monday, November 10, 2008

Teaching "Money Shots"

.....Last Saturday, with the help of my professor, I was able to attend a seminar that is being hosted by one of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Chapter. The title of the seminar is Architectural Photography and it was held at the Teatro Arkitekto located at the UAP Building.

.....At first, I find this seminar unusual for my status, a student, because not all students are given a chance of attending an Architectural seminar that is being hosted by a professional organization and not its student version, which is the United Architects of the Philippines-Student auxiliary (UAPSA). As I entered the UAP Building, different views were built in my mind as what to expect, and what to learn. I began thinking of great possibilities that the seminar would give. I began observing the surroundings and watching those architects who were once students like me.

.....And of course, here comes the interesting part, the seminar proper. The UAP South Triangle Chapter introduces the speaker of that day. He was none other than Paulo G. Alcazaren. A Landscape Arcitect with a lot of experiences and expertise. One would extract much of his energy just by reading Alcazaren's resume. He is a notable architectural Photographer because he's one of Bluprint Magazine's promising photographers.

.....The outcome of the said seminar is great! Great enough that I gained a lot of information from it. He (the speaker) thought us different tips and techniques in taking pictures for architectural purposes. He even gave us different examples of shots that can be considered as a "money shot" and "tourist shot". Of course, the aim is for us to master "money shots."

.....Overall, the seminar didn't gave me any regrets. I sacrifice one of my weekend vacation and that seminar gave me a realization that it is worth spending. Given the fact that it is a FREE seminar with lots of snack, freebies and learning to ponder. Everything would not happen without their sponsor, which is CANNON. The entire seminar were devoted to Architectural Photography that is why CANNON is there to support us all the way leaving us with their motto "Delighting you always" and yes, we were all delighted.

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