Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Torture Alley

It's ten in the evening and I'm alone
Walking on streets towards my home.
I can feel the night's creepy chill
While hearing the noisy muteness that kills.

As I approach towards the alley,
It reminds me about death valley;
Accompanied by ghostly mysteries
And deep horrific activities.

With heart-pumping so fast, I move silently
Aiming to pass through the dreadful alley,
A place for wild tortures and deaths,
That continues to haunt every one's breath.

Heavy whispers entered my ears
Pleading for my innocent fears;
Longing for justice as they weep
"Please, get us out from this unwanted sleep!"

Hearing voices, that suffered from pain,
Awakens my entire weary veins;
Screams of those unfortunate victims
That was shattered by a mischievous villain.

Before reaching the end of this fear,
An unusual silhouette appeares;
Carrying the axe of life and death,
He stares at me with heavy breath.

Saving my life, I try to run away from him
But the song of death is tonight's hymn.
He implanted his axe on top of my head,
This is how my struggling story ends.

A story of a merciless prey
Slain at a dark shallow way,
Where thousands of innocent souls rally,
A place dubbed as "Torture Alley".

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