Sunday, April 05, 2009

Award Of Hope

.....To receive an award is a fulfilment especially when that award is a recognition of your hard work both as a person and as a leader.

.....Last Friday, after our baccalaureate mass, the school officials gave away several awards to its graduating students and one of these awards is the Most Outstanding Graduating Student. The mechanics of the said award is that the candidate should be excellent in both academics and leadership. One of those students who has been given this prestigious award is none other than me.

.....Yes, I was given this award for my remarkable skills in producing excellent results to both my academics and extra-curricular activities. I'm sharing this award to all my readers not because I want to boast or I want people around the world to look at me as if I'm somebody. Instead, I'm sharing this award because I want everybody to be inspired by the recognition given to me most especially to my fellow leaders who are very much exhausted because of the negative response of his/her surroundings. I want this award to serve as an eye-opener. I want them to know that amidst the cruel hindrances, there lies hope. Hope that would give birth to an eagerness to strive harder than ever before.

.....I would like to end this post by leaving a simple message. It goes like this: We student leaders are the hope of our country and therefore, we are the bearer of solutions. Let us not stop serving other people even though our mind tells us to give up because we are the hope of our country and our countrymen sees hope from us. Let us all act as a genuine leader who seeks positive change in his/her surroundings.

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