Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Towards That Dream

.....Ahh... Graduation day is almost near and I'm scheduled to march my way towards the center stage and receive that piece of rolled paper that they call diploma. Yes, I'm scheduled to receive my diploma as a proof that I have officially finish a degree in Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

.....This upcoming event will mark a whole new beginning. The beginning that I'm talking about is the fact that I'm going to move up a little bit higher than where I'm exactly right now. It's time to put those theories learned into actual practices. No more professors to rely on instead, it's me together with my soon-to-be office mates and boss.

.....In just a matter of days, that certain day will become a reality and there's no more turning back. It's time for me to face forward towards the path that I'm intending to go. A path that was once considered a dream. A dream that will build up my character and will unveil my identity to the world of professionals.

.....You too can earn that dream! Just give your best even though time seems to be harsh on you and remember to take sacrifices. Dream hard and believe harder for you to be classified as an achiever and definitely, not a loser.

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