Thursday, April 02, 2009

Flight Rush

.....Tomorrow will be our baccalaureate mass and it will be held in our school premises. My parents have just arrived from our province. Their flight is suppose to be on April 11 prior to my graduation day which is on April 13. They have to cancel the scheduled flight because I told them last March 31 that they should attend our baccalaureate mass which will happen tomorrow, April 3. A very very short notice from me and it wasn't really my fault or I didn't do that in purpose. It's just that we where briefed clearly last March 31 and I wasn't blaming anybody at all.

.....Well, the thing is that my parents are so supportive that they took effort just to reach manila right in time before that event will finally take place. My parents really had a lot of sacrifices just to be here with me today.

.....Just to end this topic, sacrifices are very much present during those times that we really need to choose between the two lines due to some important events that we can't afford to miss. We people are very eager to give up things that might hinder us from doing the other thing. With this scenario, I can cite myself and my fellow youth that are very willing to sacrifice our precious time just to help other people that are really in need. Remember that taking sacrifices isn't a bad idea as long we choose the right and worthy once. Thanks for your time reading!

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