Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beauty And Functionality

.....My life as an Architecture student has just ended. This only means that my journey has just started as a practitioner of my chosen field. This journey is about me walking towards my dream and ultimate passion.

.....Let me have this opportunity to share some of my insights as a servant of Architecture by writing this post:

.....Architecture is an art and considered as the highest form of art. When we talk about Architecture, one thing that comes into our minds are beautiful houses and great building and we appreciate Architecture once we have experienced the atmosphere that it gives. Elegant, simple majestic, or whatever we may feel is an added pleasure that was brought by Architecture. We may be amazed by the awesome design but we sometimes miss to consider the functionality that was given by the place. Functionality is very important for it defines the meaning of success and with the aid of furniture, it becomes marvelous! Furniture do add texture and identity to whatever rooms that designers make.

.....While surfing the web, I've entered a site called Scenic Furniture and I have found out that this site offers numerous furniture that will definitely help give meaning and identity to every homes around the world. I've seen and have scrutinized all of their items for me to know if beauty and functionality can be found from those items that they are selling. From my long stay of looking at their products, I've identified one favorite.

.....The product that I'm talking about is the Walnut 3 Drawer Corner Desk. I like this item because it shows real aesthetic in the form of simplicity and innovation of form. Its purpose can be identified quickly and functionality is part of its identity as an office furniture.

.....You too can have your own favorite by visiting their website. Just click this: rustic furniture

For one to become a critic of art,
one must first know and experience art.

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