Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Jam-Packed April

April is such a month for me. Why? Because I was so jam-packed right now. My organizer has been filled with a lot of activities to do for this month alone. Those activities includes Earth Day 2010, work schedules (meetings, concrete test results, concrete pouring, etc.), and lots of contests to join.

Yes, my schedule may be so hectic for this month due to the earth day preparation and contests that I'm aiming to participate. You may blame and scold me for taking most of those activities and the only reason that I can give to you is.... "I'm happy with what I'm doing." c",). Yes, that's the only and most definite reason that I can give to you guys. Nobody can blame me for being happy and gaining happiness from creating art pieces to be submitted in a particular contest or just for the sake of creating awareness that will be benefited by everyone.

At the end of this day, while trying to contemplate from this post, you may realize that it is not just about the happiness that I'm trying to reveal. If one would dig deeper and tries to see the energy that's feeding the roots of my happiness, then one would see the element called "PASSION". Passion is the same element that fuels my everyday commitment and it, definitely, is a fuel worth spending... (oh no, not my penny) my time and effort.

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