Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer Season 101: Beyond The Usual

     Summer is still here and it brought us scorching heat that makes everyone cage themselves inside their room with lots of devises turned on just to satisfy their body's need of coolness. Some may even visit their nearby malls for free coolness provided by the mall's artificial ventilation.

     Like most of you guys, I also don't want to feel the intense heat that this summer season brings to us (or should I say, "I'm not really a fan of Summer"?). Yes, I don't like summer that much. But because I'm a person that extracts positive views from the usual dilemma, I prefer to see and benefit from positive sides that this season has to offer. Two of those benefits would be: sidelines and business opportunities.

     Yes, you read it right! I did have a series of sidelines right now because the construction industry is in the limelight during this particular season that promises to give us enough amount of heat (or sometimes, beyond the usual amount of heat). Having multiple sidelines made me earn well aside from the salary that I'm accepting as a project supervisor of a building that we're constructing. It feels good to earn extra money that comes from my own intellectual creativity and effort.

   Aside from sideline, I did mention about business opportunities. Yes, there are a lot of business opportunities to venture during this kind of season. I have also started my self-concept business together with my friends. Hopefully, it would turn out successfully. After all, summer season can either be loved or be hated. From now on, I do love this season because I really think positively and I do extract positive views and benefits from the normal dilemma that I went through during this kind of season. 

      If I were you, I would definitely maximize the benefit that I can harvest from this season. So, go on! Take a sit, create some unique concepts that would turn into a money-making business bringing bang and innovation to the industry. And if, you are still starting to build a better career starting from basic scratch like I do, then we better consult the experts and learn basic dos and don'ts on how to start and manage a business by reading different Business Articles that are available in the world wide web. I know that sometimes, reading can be painful and such a heavy commitment to achieve but then, it definitely pays the price! After all, you just have finished reading this article of mine.c",)

     Happy reading! Who knows? Maybe you'll start loving what you're reading because it made a difference in both your life and career. Until next time!c",) 

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