Monday, October 11, 2010

10.10.10 (October 10, 2010)

     Yesterday's date (October 10, 2010) was so significant to some people and event organizers because of its shortcut, which is known as 10/10/10. For our family, 10/10/10 is significant because it signals the celebration of my father's birthday. And for event organizers, 10/10/10 can give a meaningful and memorable day that can't be easily forgotten especially if the organizers are vying for their event to have the title of "event-of-the-year". 

     True to this fact, here in the Philippines alone, numerous events took place during the specific date - from much-awaited concerts to cause-related events. One of those cause-related events that I can name is the "10.10.10 A Run for the Pasig River" in which I was given the opportunity to join and be part of this eco foot-race event. This event was organized and purely dedicated to rehabilitating the Pasig river by means of a "fun run" (as they call it) and offers 3-kilometer, 5-kilometer, and 10-kilometer run.

     Me and my friends chose the 10-kilometer run and I'm happy to announce that we were able to complete it and I was able to finish the entire race for 1 hour and 33 minutes. It may not be considered fast for some, but for me, it's already fast enough considering the fact that I'm not fond of running  and I haven't able to run that kind of distance for my entire life.  After finishing the run, I felt fulfilled because I was able to finish  a 10-kilometer run. The downside for such participation is that my muscles are still aching and I find it hard to easily move here in the construction site. Some may mock us (participants) for choosing such a stupid idea of embracing hardships through running several kilometers without any assurance of getting the allotted prize. It may be so harsh for us to hear such thinking and the only phrase that we could tell them is "it's worth it". Yes, we did embrace the idea of letting ourselves undergo hardships in the form of physical pain, but it gave us this realization that once in our entire lifetime, we were able to think  not just for our own sake but for the sake of everybody.

     We may have endured much pain during the entire race, but we were able to hit what we're aiming for without thinking of giving up because we were able to set our mindsets that what we're doing  is for a cause - a much greater cause. And for me, this kind of event is not just a RUN  FOR A CAUSE, but also A PAIN FOR A CAUSE. Each painful step is worth taking, every heart-pumping breath is worth feeling, and every bit of seconds that has originally been allotted for resting is worth dedicating. 

     Let me end this post by sharing you what I've tweeted last July  24, 2010, which I believe has the nearest relation and idea with this particular post.

"Making sacrifices for others' sake won't be hard as long as we know the exact reason on why we're doing it."
- Matthew S. Chua

God bless us all!

 Photo courtesy of Mr. Jose Ramizares

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