Thursday, March 28, 2013

Learning Photoshop the Fun Way

     Summer vacation is already here! This is the kind of season most of us wanted to spend our time going to the beach, visiting out-of-towns, attending reunion gatherings, and learning new stuff. And as for me, this is the perfect time for my Photoshop tutorial comeback! 

     I was conducting Photoshop tutorials to several students last two (2) years ago and I'm doing it again. The time is just right for a series of Photoshop sessions. My aim here is to make students become better than I am. With five (5) sessions covering different techniques, pure mentoring approach, right formula to unleash creativity, definitely one-on-one tutorial, and a no minimum/maximum number of hours per session at a very reasonable price, there's no way that my students will regret it.

     One would say that my tutorial is too good to be true (especially the no minimum/maximum number of hours). But hey, it's real. I'm not interested much on gaining money here. I'm more interested on transforming students to become better than I am. Others might say that it has no certifications and that alone makes it disadvantageous than enrolling in formal school. My only response to that is... Yes, I am not offering certificates here but you'll definitely learn from me. I don't plan to give out certificates and teach very basic stuff at the same time. I am not planning to  create regretful students here. I prefer to make successors. I'm not selfish on sharing my skills and that alone makes my objective [credible] - to create successors.

     If you see your summer vacation to be just the way you spent it last year... and you want it to be different this time - to learn new stuff, which will help you become somebody on days to come - then you better be part of my tutorial session! Just give the group - Blogged by Artistmat - a private message with your contact information included.   

      Below, is an actual work done by my former student. This kind of technique is being introduced on the very first day (basic). Her first session, yet her output can already be considered a product of a Photoshop pro.

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