Friday, March 01, 2013

This Year, Be Creative

     Last year, I was given a chance to visit a house, which houses a Christmas village. This Christmas village is being made annually as a family tradition and it showcases creativity and imagination of the whole family as spearheaded by Miss Tess Pangan.
      I interviewed Miss Tess while she tours me to her great masterpiece and I found out that the creation of Christmas village was started decades ago where it was initially placed on a one piece of table.  And as years go by, it began bigger as more and more tables were added because flock of toy donations came in. Toy donations were results of support from neighbors, relatives, and friends.
     Second hand toys, plastic case of toothbrush, balloon sticks, plastic bottles, clay, pieces of problem. You name it and it's there. Everything's a part of the Christmas village. The main ingredient that powerfully binds pieces of things altogether was creativity.
     Creativity is such a powerful tool in creating great masterpieces out of ordinary or useless materials. People having this kind of gift have different views compared to people lacking this. For  some, materials with no use is a trash. But for creative people, a single trash can still be resurrected by giving a new value, a new identity, and a new purpose. 
     People should have a high sense of creativity to create such wonderful masterpieces and I encourage you (my readers) to develop this kind of tool. Let your mind soar, imagine beyond the borders of your box, and start creating great masterpieces. 
     And as for Miss Tess and her family, thank you so much for taking good care of your creativity and for continuously developing it. People like you are considered inspiration to people, who lack creativity. May you be a symbol of hope to my readers as I encourage them to take the first positive thought - creativity - that they should explore this year for their own personal development.   

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