Sunday, March 31, 2013

This Year, Be Re-inventive

     Good day blog readers! Have you been exploring your creativity as a response to my previous post entitled "This Year, Be Creative"? If the answer is yes, then I'm glad you did take the path towards creativity. Today, allow me to introduce another positive thought that you might want to consider for this year - being re-inventive.

     Re-inventing yourself is such a clever thing to do especially when you're more than willing to take the risk. It is like doing an experiment, which involves crossing a border far different from the borders of your own professional field. And by doing so... you are more exposed to possible risks - diverted attention, divided time, and career shift.

     Yes, there are possible risks on allowing the idea of being re-inventive, but aside from these risks, numerous benefits arise. Re-inventing ourselves gives us the joy of fulfillment and it gives us a brighter opportunity to explore our own potentials. This will definitely free us from doing our usual routine that our professional field has allowed us to do.  

     One good example of this is my second cousin named, Jose Edang. He's a Doctor and a photographer at the same time. He normally spends his regular hours inside their clinic delivering his expertise on the field that he has chosen to while spending his spare time capturing great moments through the art of photography. His love for photography began when he started as a hobbyist and from there, he went on mastering the craft through the process of self-exploration. Being a doctor is not easy... and being a doctor and a photographer is [definitely] not easy as well. And having these two fields collide harmoniously in one person requires the right mixture of focus, passion, and dedication.

   Allow me to show you some of his shots, which I self-picked from his collections.
For more of his pictures, 
you may visit his page by clicking HERE 

     Re-inventing ourselves leads us to opening new doors. These doors will allow us to better understand our potentials as God's talented creations and will give us the better understanding of why such idea/interest/passion explodes out from our hearts. We were meant for something really great and all we have to do is to seek for it, embrace it, and nurture it. 

     And just like him, I've been enjoying the benefits of re-inventing myself. I learned to explore and nurture the fields that can be found beyond my professional career and it made me enjoy the perks of having different worlds. From being an architect, I am also known as a blogger, a poet, and a photo manipulator. Want to be someone else aside form who you are right now? Try to re-invent yourself and explore countless possibilities. Enjoy re-inventing!

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