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Pieces N' Creations: The Interview

     Hello awesome readers! As what I've announced on my post last February 25, 2013, which is entitled "Pieces N' Creations: A New Partner Revealed", let me share with you a much detailed information about this amazing Social Enterprise (SE). Read my full interview with the creators of Pieces N' Creations.
Who are the founders of Pieces N' Creations?
     The handcrafted flower was initially founded by a friend who is based in Lucena.

What is the nature of your business?
     Pieces N’ Creations is a collaborative idea, hard work and passion of family and friends, who want to share an opportunity to earn something extra for some housewives through a livelihood project. We are helping them out in our own little way by teaching them to be productive while doing their household chores.
    Poverty as one of the most serious social problems in the Philippines that often leads to involuntary hunger, homelessness, and health and education deprivation so as the government and private groups strive to uplift the lives of the poor, we [as individuals] would also love to do our part through this project while promoting Filipino products globally.
     As a social entrepreneur, who possesses great ideas, we are committed to act as the change agents of the society. We seize opportunities that others may have missed, improve the system, invent new approaches, create new solutions for a better society, and implement it on a large scale. 
Why did you set up this kind of business?
     We set up this kind of business because of our vision, which is “to be the utmost dynamic, chic, and foxy handcrafted art and fashion accessories”, and because of our mission, which is “to provide a sustainable growth, source of living and perpetual livelihood to resource-constrained areas.”

What influenced you to create this company?
     We do believe that each and everyone are socially responsible and through this we are able to share our part.

What made you inspired?
    The Bible verse in Matthew 25:14-30 “The Parable of the Talents”. God gave each and everyone unique talents and it is our responsibility to share and utilize that talent otherwise it will be taken back from us.

What keeps you going?
     Our vision, mission, and the passion on what we are doing.

What is your best seller?
     Our best sellers are rose ring, earring and pearl bracelet.
Other things you might want the people to know regarding this Social Enterprise.
    Pieces N’ Creations started as a backyard business. Our products are handcrafted fashion accessory, which are made from a simple piece of cloth and other fabric materials and were made into a masterpiece. 
     We believe that being glamorous doesn't have to be costly at all and a woman can be beautiful in her own way anytime, anywhere by simply adding a little detail to her outfit. We are passionate in creating a product from modest fabrics to dazzling accessories. We personally hand-picked all the materials that we used just to make sure that this will create an incomparable, stylish, and chic accessories that will cater for casual, corporate, and cocktail wears of a woman, who wants to stand out. We are sure that woman of all ages will love wearing our fashionable picks as much as we love creating and bringing out their sense of fashion.

Invite people to support your product.
     We would like everyone to partner with us in any way you think that you want to share your gifts and talents to bless other people especially those person, who might have the same vision  of promoting Filipino products globally while helping certain communities. You may visit our website at and if you have some question, please feel free to send us an e-mail at or contact us at 09272898519 and 09227887938.


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