Friday, August 01, 2008

What Influence Can Do?

.....Can a person make others do a certain act when they find it unusual? Will somebody be brave enough to stop and guide a group of travelers to take a much complicated path? Does an ordinary man has a possibility of changing the lifestyles of every individual? The answer is yes! How?...The answer has something to do with the word "influence".
.....You see, influence should be a tool of every individual who believes that he/she has the capability of leading other people. It is some kind of a remote control of every leaders for their followers. If one would decide to let his followers do a certain action in order for them to meet their desired goal, he make use of his influence. Yes, influence will not happen overnight but if you work for it, you have the chance of earning it. Work in a way that one should apply things that he/she teaches and does things that would motivate them [their followers] to follow. I'm not trying to be political or even suggesting effective campaign solutions, all I'm trying to emphasize the power of influence and what it can do. I did chose this topic not because of bragging what I have as one of the aspiring leaders rather, I'm doing this for a much greater cause and that is to educated my readers that influence is one of those factors that affect and create a good leader. Trust me, when one masters this particular tool, it would be a lot easier for him/her to lead his/her people. Influence really is a tool both in leading and serving others. Now, if you want or decide to make a change by leading others, remember to develop your influential capabilities. Influence...Lead...and Make a difference!

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