Saturday, September 27, 2008

Freedom Writers: Change Is Within

.....This morning, I'm very thankful that I have the opportunity to watch Freedom Writers on HBO. It is one of the movies I'm longing to watch because of it's inspiring captivating movie previews on the same channel.

.....This movie is starred by Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell, a teacher who exerts too much effort in improving the lives of her students. The movie made me have teary eyes as the film continues to play because of one certain thing, change. Change, positive change, really exist in each and everyone of us even though different obstacles pass our lives that becomes part of our hindrances for achieving our goals as a better person. Erin's effort was started by questions from her students such as "What difference can you make to my life?". As a beginner, she really exerts too much effort in winning her students' hearts and at the end of the story, she earned their respect and even change them into a better and worthy persons. Erin did exactly do the right thing even though it came to the point where she needs to choose between her husband and her job. Yes, she chose her job because of her dedicated passion. I can tell that she is a wonderful, inspiring and a leader. She's a leader in her own way because she sacrifice her husband in favor of her students. You see, making a difference can be felt when we actually doing something extraordinary to other people even though we're not related to them. Her sacrifices are proofs that she made a good decision for her life became better. She is actually a transformer for she transforms individuals from a potential threat into great persons. She can be considered a nation-builder because of her captivating story and role for the society.
.....You too can watch and be inspired by the story of Freedom Writers by logging in to their website. Just click here. Make sure to focus on the story for it will teach you on how to initiate change. Also, try paying attention to the scene of the students listening to the author of The Diary of Anne Frank because the author has a dramatic role in telling the students about the real heroes of our society.

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