Sunday, September 07, 2008

Brick By Brick

.....I have attended the lecture of Gov. Grace Padaca entitled " Delivering Good Governance, Brick by Brick" last August 28, 2008. Gov. Grace Padaca is one of the 2008 Ramon Magsaysay Awardees. She was recognized by the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation for her remarkable effort in serving the government. By looking at her, one may feel pity because she was crippled early caused by polio. To tell you frankly, one should not feel that way because she acts way beyond her personal limitations. She graduated in school with excellent scholastic records and eventually became a CPA.
.....What I admire her the most is her determination to change the political structure of Isabela. Her becoming a Governor of Isabela is not that easy given the fact the her opponent is a member of a political dynasty that ruled Isabela for a very very long years. Yes, she won over her opponent but the trials doesn't stop there. Becoming a Governor given the disabilities and the obstacle set by her opponents is not that easy. What's good about her is that she has this influence that made her subordinates follow and the conscience that made her better comparing to other politicians. She is, indeed, crippled but her presence can be felt running in a super sonic speed. A speed that can strike every detractors that wants to block her way. She is Grace... Grace Padaca... The governor of positive change.

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